Golden Atlantis – A New Golden Age

We are living in a very important time in our evolution and that of our planet.  We are experiencing a shift in consciousness, clearing out the old, so that we can all live at a higher frequency of Love, Wisdom, Co-operation, Peace and Harmony.  We are moving into the higher frequency of the fifth dimension and are being given an opportunity to create Heaven on Earth

This is a wonderful time where new beginnings are possible as we move forward into a new Golden Age.

Wisdom from Golden Atlantis

At this time it is helpful to explore the time during the Golden Age of Atlantis when the spiritual frequency was the highest it has ever been on our planet.  We have an opportunity to bring this energy forward now, enhancing our lives and creating a more harmonious, loving and fulfilling way of living which will restore balance and harmony to our beautiful planet Earth.

How the Atlanteans kept their frequency high

The Atlanteans lived in such a way that they created Heaven on Earth. 

  • They glowed with light and happiness, and lived joyously.  Their transpersonal chakras, the Earth Star, Causal, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras were clear, open and functioning and allowed them access cosmic light and knowledge of the highest level.
  • Their 12 strands of DNA were fully activated – today we only have 2 active strands, as all other strands are dormant.  Reactivating these strands of DNA allows us reclaim our psychic and spiritual gifts.
  • Along with their Guardian Angel, everyone also had a Unicorn to guide and inspire them.  These magnificent white horses have pure light, in the shape of a spiralling horn, pouring from their third eye, and they radiate dignity, grace, self-worth and enlightenment.  Many people today are becoming aware of Unicorns, especially children, and it is amazing to see all the Unicorn toys in shops.
  • The Atlaneans loved to swim with dolphins, telepathically receiving wisdom, guidance and joy from them.  Today people are excited about dolphins and love to visit them on boat trips or swim with them in the ocean.  All dolphins are healers and as they enfold everyone in their presence with their radiance and huge auras, they help them reconnect with their true essence of joy, love and wellbeing.
  • The people were aware of the gentle and natural healing properties of Crystals, Colour and Sound and built temples of healing where people could go to receive healing.
  • Living in harmony and balance with nature was the norm, as everyone understood the oneness and Divinity within everything.

New Beginnings

We have opportunities now to again activate our 12 chakras and dormant strands of DNA.  We can connect with the light and wisdom of the Angels of Atlantis, Ascended Masters, Unicorns and Dolphins, and explore natural healing methods.  We can reclaim our wisdom, spiritual power and knowledge from the time of Golden Atlantis to enhance our lives today. 

It is important that we once again raise our frequency, so we can all move forward together into a new Golden Age.

Article inspired by Diana Cooper’s book ‘Discover Atlantis’,
and the Golden Atlantis Teacher Training Course of the Diana Cooper School.