Sound supports the miracle of healing within your body

Sound supports the miracle of healing within your body.

There is a miracle of healing constantly happening within your body.

Your body always wants to heal itself and come back to balance.

You can see this in the miracle that happens when you cut a finger. The intelligence within your body starts a healing process that completely repairs the damaged tissue. It is the same with all tissues, organs and bones within your body.

You can connect with the intelligence within your body and heal yourself with sound.


How does healing work?

Every cell and system in our body is in a constant state of motion and vibration. If an organ or system is out of balance, its rate of vibration (frequency) changes, and illness or disease may set in. Healing is a process of changing the rate of vibration of an organ or system, restoring it to its natural healthy frequency.


The healing gift of sound

Sound is a potent healer because it is a wave and also has a vibration.

As we are composed of vibrations and sound is a vibration, sound waves (vibrations) can enter into every cell, system and organ within our physical body, and every layer of our aura, restoring health and vitality. It can alter the vibrational rate of cells, molecules, organs and systems, restoring them to their resonant healthy frequency. Thus our body can return to health and balance again.


Sound is a natural healing therapy that is available to everyone.

Sound healing is a very powerful, yet simple process, that is available to everyone. You can learn a few simple sound healing techniques, and with practice, you will soon be in the flow of healing sounds.

We live in a universe of vibration and sound –
we ourselves are composed of vibration and sound –
we can heal ourselves with sound.

Wishing you vibrant health and happiness.


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