Steps for offering unconditional love

Steps for offering unconditional love

Love blossoms when we open our hearts and act with harmlessness towards all, knowing each person is part of the magnificent tapestry of life.


Unconditional love

Unconditional love flows from our purest state of consciousness.

Many people ask, ‘What is unconditional love?’ The answer is simple; it is just pure love, given without any conditions or hopes of receiving something in return. Unconditional love comes from our purest state of consciousness because this is the essence of who we are – great beings of light and love.

We don’t form cords or attachments to anyone when we love unconditionally as we don’t have any expectations of them, only a desire to grace them with love.


Steps for offering unconditional love

  1. Take your focus within to the pure, divine spark of love within your heart. Imagine beams of love travelling from your heart to anyone you know who is in need of a little extra love, or to anyone who has hurt you. Do this, not to change them, but to offer love, acceptance and forgiveness, with no strings attached.
  2. As you bring each person to mind, sending a beam of unconditional love, there may be a word or message you also want to send, for instance:

I offer you:

  • Love and acceptance.
  • Forgiveness and peace.
  • Happiness and abundance.
  • Fulfilment of all your hopes and dreams.
  • Health and vitality.

Although your love is unconditional, asking for nothing in return, rest for a moment and notice how your heart is now overflowing with love.


There is a divine flow of love throughout the Universe. Love always responds to love, being awakened or returned through the simple act of loving.


Wishing you an abundance of love.


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