Support the earth with healing sounds

You can give the Earth, all the Kingdoms she supports, and all the animals that grace our beautiful planet, the gift of your healing sounds and love, while being creative and having lots of fun.

Mother Earth gives us many gifts. Her beauty and purity uplifts and inspires us, opens our hearts, and bathes our soul in peace and love.

You can also give a gift to Mother Earth, and help to transform and uplift her energies. You can send her healing sounds of love, gratitude, appreciation, peace and harmony. Your sound waves will radiate out, like a pebble dropped in a lake, gently covering the Earth and all the life she supports.

In this course you will explore many powerful ways to support this beautiful planet.

You will learn how to create:

  • A sound bath of healing, love, gratitude and appreciation for the Earth, and all the animals and Kingdoms she supports. You will use your most powerful sound healing instrument, the sound of your own voice – humming or toning vowel sounds.
  • A singing bowl sound bath of love, peace and harmony for the Earth.
  • Golden sonic footsteps of love wherever you walk.

You will also:

  • Learn how to connect with plants and trees, hear their internal sounds, and offer them healing sounds.
  • Explore the many ways you can help the Nature and Elemental Kingdoms to blossom and flourish.
  • Receive Mother Nature’s healing lullaby.

The Benefits of taking this course

  • Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to support the Earth with healing sounds in a variety of ways.
  • Be able to communicate with plants and trees.
  • Enhance your relationship with all the Nature Kingdoms.
  • Experience a heightened sense of well-being which comes from knowing that you have made a difference.