Welcome to my website - MildredRyan.com

My vision is to empower people to expand and step forward into their full potential, creating joyful lives of love, peace, abundance and fulfilment.

We are living in exciting times and are entering a new Golden Age of Enlightenment.  We have the opportunity to create Heaven on Earth

This is the focus of my work - to provide transformational tools to assist you to co-create a wonderful world to live in, on our beautiful planet Earth. 

On my website you will find information on a variety of inspirational courses - Enlightenment, Healing Retreats, Sacred Sound, Colour and Crystals, Transform Your Life and Sound Practitioner Training. 

You can also listen to sample tracks from 2 CD's I have recorded (details below), and I have written many articles which I hope you will enjoy. 

To help spread a golden light throughout the world, 10% of fees from every course is donated to various organizations who enhance lives and relieve suffering - Concern, Sightsavers, Cats Aid, Donkey Sanctuary, Animal Aware, and others.

As everything is interconnected, when we experience more joy, love and peace in our own lives, this has a ripple effect - like a pebble dropped in a lake - touching off everyone and everything around us - giving us the possibility of Creating Heaven on Earth.

Please take your time to browse and enjoy my website.

I wish you well on your journey.

Love, Light and Blessings

Guided Meditation CD's

Angel Meditations, Dolphins and Unicorns.

Guided journeys to relax - leaving you refreshed and renewed, full of light and joy.
Click below on the CD of your choice to find out more - and to listen to a sample track.

  • First CD is Angel Light and Guidance – rest back into the arms of your Guardian Angel
  • Second CD is Dolphins and Unicorns – helping us create Heaven on Earth

"Mildred's beautiful voice transported me into the higher dimensions and I was able to connect easily with the Angels, Dolphins and Unicorns as she directed on her CDs. I felt wonderfully relaxed, refreshed and contented when I opened my eyes. It was a lovely experience."

- Diana Cooper



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