Temple of Healing Light

You are invited on a very powerful, deeply healing and sacred process:

    • to create a Sacred Temple of Healing Light and
    • accelerate your healing, growth and transformation on all levels – mind, body and spirit.



New course starting 30th June

Healing within your Sacred Temple of Light

Within your Temple of Healing Light, you can request healing to:

  • Align with the high frequency light of your divine perfect blueprint of your health and your life.
  • Access the deepest love, light, joy and wisdom within your being.
  • Receive insights and guidance on your soul purpose and plan for this lifetime.
  • Expand your consciousness, strengthen your connection with your divine essence, and evolve into who you truly are.
  • Request healing for any part of your physical body, your emotions and thought forms, past life or karmic issues.
  • Receive guidance on how to resolve challenges or difficult situations, and support the creation of positive outcomes.
  • Dissolve worries and emotional turmoil.

You will also be able to:

  • Send the highest frequencies of love, light and healing to others, all life forms, and the Earth.
  • Soothe and resolve conflict, corruption, unfair practices, grief, sadness or despair.

Frequencies of light to support your healing

The frequencies within your Temple of Light will always be at a level that is most beneficial for you at that moment in time. You will never be overloaded as your Higher Self oversees the process.

As you continue to work within your Temple, the frequencies of light will become even higher to support you as you raise your own frequency, heal and transform.

New course starting 30th June