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Introduction to the course and what’s covered.

A 5 part online course guiding you on steps you can take to strengthen your immune system.

You will be guided with clear and easy to follow steps on how you can protect yourself from viruses and bacteria. This is very relevant at the moment, as we are all taking action to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Includes 5 videos with 3 guided healing journeys.

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Cost: €25

Overview of what’s covered in each part of the course

Part 1: The miracle of healing within your body.

An invitation to explore your body’s inner healing intelligence, your self-repair mechanism and immune system.

Part 2: Guided journey to explore the miracle of healing within your body, and give your immune system a boost.  

Take a powerful guided journey to send healing light to every cell, organ and system within your body, give your immune system a boost, and remove harmful viruses or bacteria.

Part 3: The Violet Flame – to heal and protect you from viruses and bacteria.

Explore the healing that is possible through working with the Violet Flame, which transforms anything negative into the purity of light and love.

Part 4: Guided journey with the Violet Flame to recalibrate and transmute viruses and bacteria, and protect your aura.

Experience powerful healing with the Violet Flame as it recalibrates and transmutes harmful viruses or bacteria, and protects your aura.

Part 5: Bonus video: Inspiring thoughts to support your health, reduce the stress, uncertainty and fear of the corona virus, and strengthen your immune system.

Give yourself the gift of 5 minutes of rest and relaxation as you watch peaceful images and listen to positive words and beautiful music.

Includes 5 videos with 3 guided healing journeys.

Cost: €25