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Introduction to the course and what’s covered

A 5 part online course guiding you to access your deepest wisdom, guidance and inspiration.

There is a great wisdom within you which you can tap into to heal your life and receive the highest insights and guidance, bringing clarity, resolving difficulties, and helping you stay aligned with your soul purpose.

Includes 5 videos with 3 guided healing journeys.

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Cost: €25

Overview of what’s covered in each part of the course

Part 1: Access your deepest wisdom and guidance by forming a connection between your heart, mind and Higher Self.

Receive guidance on how to access the great love and wisdom within your being, which will always:

  • Guide you to do what’s right for you, and show you the next step that’s important for you to take on your journey through life.
  • Show you a new way to deal with a challenge, difficult situation or relationship.
  • Help you to access your inner healing intelligence.

Part 2: Guided Journey to access your deepest wisdom, guidance, inspiration and love.

Take a powerful guided journey to access your deepest wisdom, guidance and inspiration.

You will have an opportunity to ask 2 questions:

  1. How to deal with a difficult situation or relationship.
  2. How to increase the love, peace and happiness in your life.

Part 3: Love and guidance from your Guardian Angel.

A guided journey to meet your Guardian Angel and ask for guidance and direction in any area of your life. You will also connect with Archangel Chamuel, the radiant Archangel of Love, who will help heal and dissolve any hurts or sadness in your heart.

Part 4: Inspiring Divine Truths.

Explore one of the divine truths – that there is nothing holding you back – all the gifts, love and wisdom of the universe are available to you.

You can tap into the abundance of the universe on all levels, and create the fulfilling life you desire.

Part 5: Bringing everything together – create your life through love and wisdom.

Explore how your life and relationships can flow, and miracles can happen, when you are connected to your deepest wisdom, guidance and inspiration.

Includes 5 videos with 3 guided healing journeys.

Cost: €25