Boost your Self-Worth and Confidence

Introduction to the course and what’s covered.

A 5 part online course guiding you to boost your confidence and self-esteem, and reclaim your vitality, joy and love of life.

Building confidence is a step by step process, and you will be guided through the whole journey with clear and easy to implement steps.

Includes 5 videos with 3 guided healing journeys.

Overview of what’s covered in each part of the course

Part 1 – Steps for building your confidence.

How low self-worth and confidence comes about, and 9 positive and easy to implement steps you can take to build your confidence again.

Part 2 – Recognise the magnificence of who you are.

A guided journey to connect with your inner essence of love, joy, peace and wisdom, and explore how you can give your self-worth and confidence a boost.

Part 3 – Transform beliefs that erode your confidence.

Explore and transform beliefs that keep you acting small or feeling inadequate. Learn some positive steps you can take to build your confidence again.

Part 4 – Heal the past with love.

Many people feel that they aren’t good enough or don’t deserve to be loved.

Explore the steps that you can take to heal wounds from the past, and open to a new level of confidence, happiness and love.

Part 5 – Self talk – words and thoughts of love, encouragement and support.

Explore the power of words and how to change from being critical of yourself, to being loving, kind and supportive

Includes 5 videos with 3 guided healing journeys