Healing on all Levels – Mind, Body and Spirit

Introduction to the course and what’s covered

A 5 part online course guiding you to heal on all levels – mind, body and spirit. Experience simple, yet powerful exercises, to support deep healing, transformation and expansion of your consciousness.

Includes 5 videos and 5 guided healing journeys.

Part 1 – Relaxation and love – a gentle healing exercise

Give yourself the gift of 15 minutes of relaxation as you take this guided healing journey to bathe your whole being with love and appreciation. Love is the most powerful healing frequency of all – it dissolves hurt and pain on all levels.

Part 2 – Cleanse and refresh your aura

A 5 minute guided journey which will leave you feeling sparkling, energised and prepared for the day ahead.

Cleanse your aura on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and light up all your cells and systems with love, joy and well-being.

Part 3 – Cleanse and energise your chakras

A powerful healing exercise which supports healing, transformation and expansion of your consciousness.

In this guided journey, you will work with your full 12 chakra system, flushing each chakra with cleansing light and reclaiming your energy and vitality. You will also align with the highest frequencies and ways of living your life, which brings deep transformation and expansion.

Part 4 – Healing light

There is a constant source of divine healing light and love available to us which you can call on at any time to assist you.

This is a guided journey to connect with this divine healing light and direct it to flow throughout your body. 

Bonus video: cutting cords – reclaim your power, vitality and freedom

Learn how to cut cords and reclaim your life-force energy.

Cords create energy leaks and stress. In this guided journey you will cut cords, stop these energy leaks, let go of burdens, and set yourself and others free.

Includes 5 videos and 5 guided healing journeys