A Healthy Mind

Clear your mind of worries and distressing thoughts and reclaim peace of mind.

Step into the flow of positive, loving and empowering thoughts.

Explore 2 powerful ways of cleansing and refreshing your mind with sound, so that you can step into the flow of positive, loving and empowering thoughts, and reclaim peace of mind.

Two of the most important things in life are the thoughts we think and the food we eat. Your thoughts have a huge effect on all aspects of your life; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Worries, fears and distressing thoughts can drain you of your life-force energy, joy and vitality. Have you ever felt like your whole mind was whirling with circling thoughts as you tried to find solutions to problems?

You are invited to refresh your mind by releasing the clutter of distracting thoughts and mind-chatter.

In this course you will explore two powerful ways of cleansing and refreshing your mind.

You will do this using your most effective sound healing tool – the sound of your own voice – humming or toning vowel sounds.

Your healing sounds have the potential to refresh your mind, and leave you feeling clear and able to think positive and empowering thoughts, which help you to live joyfully, in touch with all of life’s blessings.

When your mind is fresh and clear, it is also much easier to find solutions to difficulties, or new ways of sorting things out.

You will learn how to:

  • Use your voice, and give ‘voice’ to the thoughts that are whirling in your mind, in a safe and gentle way, so that you can discharge the energy.
  • Fill your mind with positive, empowering and harmonious thoughts.

You will experience:

  • a 2-minute mind cleanse, to release worries and distracting thoughts. This is a ‘quick fix’ exercise for those times when you need immediate relief.
  • a more in-depth mind cleanse to release distressing thoughts and turmoil, and also the trauma of past events.

The Benefits of taking this course

  • Clarity and peace of mind.
  • Lightness and joy as you release the clutter of an over-active mind, filled with worries and distracting thoughts.
  • Ability to fill your mind with happy, positive, loving and empowering thoughts.
  • Finding solutions to difficulties, without being hampered by the burden of a cluttered and over-active mind.
  • Learning how to relax and reduce stress and tension, dissolve energy blockages and freshen your aura

Energy practitioners, therapists and healers –

You will be able to incorporate these techniques and healing sounds into your existing practice.