Angel Light and Guidance

Meditations to relax and light up your life – as you rest back into the arms of your Guardian Angel – into love, joy, peace and harmony.

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Track 1: Angel Light and Guidance (32 minutes)

A guided relaxation and meditation to meet your Guardian Angel and receive comfort, guidance and inspiration. As you are enfolded in the love and peace of your Guardian Angel’s wings, Archangel Chamuel, the radiant Archangel of Love, will dissolve any hurts or sadness, as he gently heals and opens the petals of your heart.

Track 2: Golden Angelic Light (9 minutes)

A refreshing meditation to clear and uplift your energies at the start of the day, as your Guardian Angel surrounds you with a golden Angelic cloak of light – helping you find love, joy, peace and happiness within.


My vision for these recordings is that you will be renewed and refreshed, full of light and joy, as you open to the love and guidance of your Guardian Angel – Mildred.


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