Boost your immune system, energise your supplements and medications, and support your body to heal.

Explore the simple, yet powerful steps you can take to support the miracle of healing within your body.

A miracle of healing is constantly at work in your body. Your body always wants to heal itself and come back to balance. You can see this when you cut a finger. Your body starts a healing process that completely repairs the damaged tissue. It is the same with all tissues, organs and bones within your body.

You have an inner healing intelligence, a self-healing mechanism, aligned with your immune system, which you can work with to support your health and healing.

Whether you are focused on healing minor cuts, aches or pains or a more challenging health issue, you can connect with your inner wisdom and intelligence, and your immune system, and work with them to bring your systems back to good health and balance again.

In this course you will explore:

  • Your self-healing mechanism and the miracle of healing that is constantly at work within your body.
  • Powerful steps you can take to support you to heal and return to balance and good health.
  • How the frequencies of sound can affect the frequencies within matter, heightening the energy within your supplements or medications, while supporting your cells, organs and systems to return to balance and harmony.

You will learn how to work with your most powerful sound healing tool, the sound of your voice, and as you do this, you will:

  • Connect with your inner healing intelligence – your self-healing mechanism, and strengthen and boost your immune system.
  • Direct your immune system to focus on a particular part of your body.
  • Prepare your body to receive any supplements, remedies or medications that you are taking.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your supplements and medications by infusing them with extra life and energy.

The benefits of taking this course:

  • Through practising the exercises and taking the guided healing journeys, you will gain a deeper understanding of how your immune system and self-healing mechanism works.
  • You will understand how to direct your consciousness and healing sounds to connect with the great healing power within your being.
  • You will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to work powerfully with sound to support your health, vitality and well-being

Energy practitioners, therapists and healers –

You will be able to incorporate these techniques and healing sounds into your existing practice.