Message from Mildred

The morning is a very good time to set yourself up for the day ahead, and ending your day in a relaxed way is important to help with sleep.

I love sharing helpful information and making videos, so I recorded 2 short videos for you:

  1. A morning meditation and blessing to support you to start your day really well.
  2. A short guided relaxation which is particularly helpful to watch at night to help you ease into sleep. You will be guided to rest into loving and peaceful feelings. 

The guided meditations are also available as MP3s – you can listen to them on this webpage, or you can download them to your own device.

The videos are free – my gift to you. May they bring you peace and relaxation and an enhanced sense of well-being – Enjoy.


A short video, inspired by the golden sunrise over the ocean – it’s a morning meditation to welcome the light, joy and wonderful possibilities each new day brings. You will be guided to bless your day and allow it unfold in a perfect way.


A short guided relaxation to help you to still your mind and rest into loving and peaceful feelings. It’s particularly helpful to watch at night to help you ease into sleep, or anytime you want to relax and let go of stress, worries or concerns.


To download an MP3 version of each of the guided journeys, click on the MP3 titles above – new download pages will open.
Clicking on the down-arrow (or 3 dots) starts your download.

You can also listen to the audio using the media players above.

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