The Violet Flame

Explore the powerful combination of the Violet Flame
and the sacred sound of your voice to transform and heal.

Online course – study at your own pace, at any time, from anywhere

The Violet Flame, supported by the sacred sound of your voice is a powerful combination, bringing deep transformation and healing.

The Flame opens a doorway to lightness, love, joy and freedom. It is a powerful spiritual energy and a gift to humanity to assist with our healing, enlightenment and ascension.

It heals, rejuvenates, and dislodges old energies, imprints and patterns on many levels.

3 powerful exercises are outlined in this course.

You will work with the power of the Violet Flame and the sacred sound of your own voice – to cleanse, heal and dissolve blockages within three important areas of your being:

  1. Thoughts and emotions
  2. Physical health
  3. Ancestral lineage and karma

1. Thoughts and Emotions

You will cleanse your mind, thoughts and emotions, and any resulting worries, behaviours, limitations, unforgiveness, imprints, patterns and lack on any level, which may have manifested as a result of your thoughts.

You will light up your mind with the high frequency qualities of the Violet Flame – love, compassion, forgiveness, transformation, beauty, and light, and reclaim your freedom to think thoughts that nurture and support you, and allow you to step fully into your power.

2. Support your Physical Health – remove energy blockages which can cause health problems.

You will invoke the Violet Flame to flow into every atom, cell, organ and system of your body and every layer of your aura, to cleanse and rejuvenate your whole being, while gently and powerfully removing blockages or negative energies which can cause health problems.

The Violet Flame will raise your frequency as it transforms everything to the Light, setting in place conditions for balance, harmony, and your natural healthy frequency to be restored.

3. Ancestral Lineage and Karma

You will heal and dissolve ancestral or karmic links, including miasms (inherited predisposition to certain illnesses), and patterns of behaviour passed on from generation to generation.

You will transmute and heal old ancestral patterns, and break free from the cycle of repeating these old patterns, giving you the opportunity to reclaim your freedom and strength, and step fully into your power.

The benefits of taking this course:

You will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to work with the powerful healing energies of the Violet Flame to:

  • Cleanse your mind, thoughts and emotions
  • Support your health and remove energy blockages which can cause health problems
  • Dissolve ancestral and karmic bonds.

3 powerful audio recordings will guide you through these sacred and powerful healing processes.

Enrol in this course

Cost: €59

Included in this course

6 video tutorials

covering all aspects of how to work with the Violet Flame and  sacred sound to:

  • Cleanse thoughts and emotions
  • Support your health
  • Dissolve ancestral and karmic links

3 audio recordings

Guided healing journeys with the Violet Flame

Worksheets / Journal

to record your insights and progress.

Course Manual

a comprehensive eBook to guide you through the course.

Energy practitioners, therapists and healers –

You will be able to incorporate these techniques and healing sounds into your existing practice.


Included in the course

6 video tutorials


3 guided audio recordings

Healing journal