How to share the beautiful sounds and heart energy of singing bowls with a friend or partner

You can combine the heart energy and beautiful sounds of a singing bowl with the loving energy of your heart, and send healing and love to a friend or partner.

The steps for doing this are very straightforward, and it is a deeply relaxing, healing and nurturing experience.

I made this short video for you, demonstrating how to do this, with clear and easy to follow steps.

Do try this with a friend or partner, and notice how you both feel afterwards, as you experience the powerful combination of love and singing bowl healing sounds.


A reminder of the steps:

How to share love and singing bowl sounds with a friend or partner.

  1. Form a heart connection with your bowl and infuse it with sounds of love and healing. To do this, hold your bowl in front of your heart, and tone a few times over your bowl as you send it love and appreciation.
  2. Hold the intention that your sounds and love will infuse your singing bowl with love and healing.
  3. Taking turns to play the bowl for 5 minutes, then swapping over, is ideal so that each person receives the healing sounds and love.
  4. Follow the guidance of your intuition as you play your bowl in a way that feels right to support your friend, creating sounds and bathing your friend in healing sounds and love.
  5. Keep in mind that you never try to force or change anything, just offer the sounds for your friend to absorb in a way that is most appropriate for his or her healing.
  6. Before swapping over, allow a few moments of silence for your friend to absorb the sounds.
  7. It is now your turn to receive the sounds.
  8. Afterwards take a few moments to share your experiences.

Enjoy both giving and receiving this incredibly loving, peaceful and healing treatment.

Wishing you vibrant health and happiness.


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