You are already an enlightened being – your essence is divine

Your divine essence

How would you feel if you knew that the essence of who you are, the light of your soul, is that of infinite love and light, and that you are already an enlightened being?

Take a few moments to acknowledge the magnificence of who you are – this is the most empowering thought you can have.

Know that you already have an abundance of love, light, joy, peace, harmony and contentment within you – all the qualities of enlightenment.

I want to show you a few simple steps you can take which can help you become aware of your divine essence.


Guided meditation

It is helpful to be guided through the whole process, so I have recorded the steps for you in a guided meditation.

Click on the playbar below to listen to the recording.


Enjoy the recording and let it guide you to the heart of who you are – to your divine essence. Know that you are already an enlightened being.


A reminder of the steps for connecting with your divine essence

  1. Take a few moments to get comfortable and relaxed. You might like to play soft and gentle music in the background.
  2. Bring your attention to your heart area. This is your centre for giving and receiving love. Become aware of the love within your heart. You might find it helpful to hold thoughts in your mind of a person, child or pet you love unconditionally. Or, bring to mind a time you felt held and loved, and become aware of the love in your heart expanding.
  3. Remember a time when you felt great joy. Let the feeling of joy bubble up within your heart, and allow its exuberant energy envelop you.
  4. Focus on a time when you felt at peace with yourself and the world. Connect with the calmness that comes from knowing that all is well.
  5. Let this peaceful inner feeling expand, until you start to flow with feelings of harmony.
  6. Allow yourself some time to experience the contentment of your soul, which is now radiant with love, joy, peace and harmony.
  7. Spend a few moments relaxing and bathing in these wonderful energies – your own divine essence. Know that you are special beyond words.

It takes just a few moments to do this exercise but in it you can experience amazing transformation. Know that by doing the exercise you are laying the foundation stone for your journey to enlightenment.


Send waves of love and light out to touch others.

As you shine your light, you create a radiant ripple, like a pebble dropped in a lake, sending waves of love and light out to touch everyone and everything around you. You will become a beacon for others, bringing the possibility of creating Heaven on Earth.

Wishing you lots of peace and love.


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