Enlightenment – you can reach enlightenment in this lifetime

You can reach enlightenment in this lifetime.

There are many levels of enlightenment.

People often think that only great beings, such as the Dalai Lama, Buddha, or the many Christian Saints we are familiar with, can reach enlightenment. However, there are many levels of enlightenment, and you can focus on the levels you can reach in this lifetime.



What level of enlightenment can you achieve?

When you are full of love and joy, focused on peaceful and harmonious thoughts, wishing the best for everyone and everything – you are in an enlightened state.

At this level you effortlessly flow into higher states of consciousness, where your heart is wide open, and you feel connected to everyone and everything. You see the world as a beautiful place to live, and have no need to judge others as you understand that all of life’s events serve your soul’s growth.


Enlightened moments

On your journey to enlightenment, you will have many enlightened moments. What are these moments and how do you recognise them?

Well, have you experienced times when you felt radiant with love and happiness, in harmony with everyone and everything? Have you ever felt engulfed with the sensation that all your dreams could actually come true? These are all experiences of expansion and enlightenment.

Remember your experiences of enlightenment and build on them.


New Golden Age of Enlightenment

Our world is in transition at the moment as we move from the world we have known for a very long time, to a bright new golden world where we live as enlightened beings of love and peace, creating harmonious frequencies and events all around us.

This time of transformation is heralding a new beginning and way of being, and you have an important role to play. Each person’s contribution is important, and together we can create a beautiful world to live in.

You have choices and opportunities like never before to raise your consciousness and levels of light, to find inner peace and happiness, and reach enlightenment in this lifetime.


Your journey to enlightenment

On your journey to enlightenment, you begin to recognise who you truly are; a magnificent being, radiant with love, light, joy and vitality.

Your journey to enlightenment is a step-by-step choice. You can choose the most appropriate steps for you that will take you to your destination.


May you be blessed on your journey.


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