You can make a difference – spread peace, love and joy all around you

You can make a difference – spread peace, love and joy all around you

With so much happening in the world, sometimes we feel that we can’t change things, or that our contribution couldn’t possibly make a difference. However, it is often the small things that we do that can have a huge impact on ourselves and everyone around us, and change things for the better.

In this article and video I want to show you a very simple, yet powerful way, that you can make a difference, and spread a wave of peace, love and happiness out around you, spreading from person to person, and around our beautiful planet Earth.


How to spread a wave of peace, love and joy all around you

Recently I did a short healing exercise as I meditated in the early morning sunshine. As I started my meditation, a few wise thoughts dropped into my mind about dedicating my day to spreading peace, love and joy all around me.

  1. First, I imagined peace flowing from person to person and all over our beautiful planet, spreading over the great oceans, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, and spreading from life form to life form. I did this for 1 or 2 minutes and it was a very beautiful experience.
  2. Then I imagined a flow of love spreading from person to person, all life forms and Mother Earth, with everybody lighting up with love.
  3. And I finished by sending a wave of joy and happiness from person to person, throughout all life forms, and our beautiful planet.


My experience

Wonderful images formed in my mind of peace, love and joy passing from person to person, creating a trail of light and happiness all over the Earth, with everyone smiling and happy.

After doing the exercise I felt fantastic, and I know that doing this simple exercise (it only took 5 minutes), really helped, and that everyone, all life forms and our planet received an extra boost of peace, love and joy.

During the exercise something very interesting happened. Someone who had hurt me in the past came to mind. However, I decided not to go into the usual mind-chatter about what had happened, and instead sent a wave of love out to reach him wherever he was in the world. It was a very uplifting experience, and I felt really good afterwards.


You can make a difference

Perhaps you would like to do this yourself – send a wave of peace, love and joy out into the world. Know that you can make a difference – you can help the world and everybody in it to light up with more peace, love and joy.


Wishing you lots of peace and love.


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