How to align with the highest, wisest and most loving aspect of who you are

Aligning with the highest, wisest and most loving aspect of who you are is life changing. It helps you to

  • Resolve difficulties in the best possible way
  • See the bigger picture
  • Take steps to help you stay aligned with your soul purpose.


This is a prayer that I say every morning to help me to align with the best part of who I am:

Afterwards I always feel that I am in touch with my divine essence of light, love, joy and deepest wisdom.


When you align with the highest aspect of who you are, your life and relationships flow, and miracles can happen.

Let’s look at the possibilities for greater ease and harmony in 3 important areas of your life

  1. Relationships
  2. Manifesting
  3. Health



Most of our challenges and growth come to us through our relationships. When you align with the energy of your soul, you have a higher view of difficulties, and can see everything through the eyes of love and wisdom. At this level challenges often fade away, or you have insights about how to sort things out with a positive outcome for everyone.

It is also easier to be kind to others, knowing that we are not always aware of the stresses or challenges others face. Acceptance and love heal disharmony and resolve conflict.

You will find that when you are in touch with the highest, wisest and most loving part of who you are – your divine essence, you only see the divine in others, and create harmonious relationships.

Achieve your goals or manifest your dreams

When you are in touch with your divine essence, and ask to be guided by the light of your soul, you receive clear information about what to do, or what is best for you.

Although it is lovely to have eureka moments and see everything laid out clearly, usually we are shown the first step, or the next step to take, and when we take that step, the next action we need to take to bring us nearer to our goal is revealed.

Your Higher Self or Soul sees your potential and always wants to help you to stay aligned with your soul purpose, and to help you to create the life you desire, filled with love, peace and happiness.


When we are aligned with our highest, wisest and most loving self, we come back into alignment – mind, body and spirit. As we are uplifted to a higher level, many of the blocks caused by old stored emotions, thought patterns or behaviours dissolve and are released, as we choose higher thoughts and change how we act and feel. 

Our energies can start to flow again, nourishing us on all levels. This has the potential to bring deep healing.

The great wisdom within your being will also give you guidance on what you need to do to support your health and healing. This can include guidance on how to resolve difficulties, forgiveness, letting go of old issues, diet and exercise, and which health care provider is most appropriate for you.

I’m delighted to introduce you to my new book – Golden Steps to Inner Peace and Happiness.

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