Your deepest wisdom and guidance

You can connect with your deepest wisdom and guidance through tuning into the loving energies of your heart – the wisdom of your mind – and the guidance of your Higher Self.

Ask the wisest aspect of your being, and the love and light of your soul to guide and assist you.



A Reminder of the steps.

Form a Heart – Mind – Higher Self connection.

Preparation: Find a quite place where you won’t be disturbed for 5 minutes.

Step 1: Focus on the loving energies of your heart, so open and full of love, ready and willing to love in all situations. Let a picture form in your mind of rays of love radiating from your heart.

Step 2: Send a wave of loving energy from your heart upwards to your mind, bathing your mind in love, helping you to open to the highest thoughts. See the love from your heart cleansing any old thought patterns and day to day concerns, so you are free to think the most positive and helpful thoughts that will support and nourish you.

Step 3: Now send your wave of love even higher, up to your higher mind or Higher Self just above your head, connecting you to your deepest wisdom, light and guidance.

You have now joined your heart – mind – and Higher Self in a flow of sacred energy.

Step 4: Invite a flow of love, light, wisdom and guidance from your Higher Self to flow down through your body, right down to your feet, bathing all levels of your physical body and aura with this high frequency light, love, wisdom and guidance.


Forming a Heart – Mind – Higher Self connection is a wonderful way to start your day, and will ensure that everything you do and say, and all your decisions, will be based on love.


Wishing you lots of peace and love.


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